Audit Services

We aim to offer you the kind of business advice that could help you to run your company efficiently and cost-effectively. An attitude of healthy professional scepticism is maintained. We also offer expert corporate tax planning advice, to make sure you’re as tax-efficient as possible. We’ll review your accounts department and the control measures you currently use, recommending ways to improve. Depending on our clients requirements we provide the following audit services:

  • Attestation Functions as Statutory audits under companies act, Audit under Income Tax Act, VAT audit, Services tax audit.
  • Certification of Financial Statements under Indian GAAP.
  • Management audit, special audit, statutory audit, operational efficiency audit.
  • Bankers statutory audits.
  • Due diligence services / certification.
  • Audit of accounts prepared as per Indian Accounting Standards.
  • Fraud Investigations services.
  • Internal audit services.
  • Stock audit
  • Data verification audits.


Direct Taxation

Direct Taxation- Consultancy & Advisory

The basis of expertise is advisory and successful implementation at cross section of industries which have stood the test of successful acceptance at various assessment and judicial levels. Direct tax consultancy together with innovative tax efficient strategies, provided by us form an integral part of viable business decisions. These help our clients attain the desired goals.

Tax Planning Services

Tax planning is an excellent opportunity to increase the bottom line of a business. In no other area can good advice and planning save so much of our hard-earned money. Because we work so closely with our clients, we identify many opportunities to save money through astute tax planning whilst complying with the tax legislation at all times.

Our services cover all taxes that affect business entrepreneurs, bearing in mind that tax is a "business" cost. Our goal is to minimise their tax liabilities. Working together with our tax advisors within the network, our partners develop a clear tax planning strategy for all our personal and corporate clients.


The penalties for falling foul of Customs are severe. Our Tax Professionals offers guidance in unfamiliar areas such as VAT & GST registration, VAT & GST returns etc.

At Rahul B Gupta & Co., we offer a full range of services to cover every situation business entrepreneurs may encounter. We ensure our clients explore all planning opportunities whilst meeting legal obligations.

  • Registration with the department.
  • Issue opinions on tax applicability and credit utilizations.
  • Filing Half yearly returns.
  • Advising on Documentation and record keeping.
  • Periodical visit to review and process tax payments.


The Firm has deep insight on business processes and therefore is in a unique position to provide clients constructive ideas and insights leading to improved business efficiencies, better compliance, good corporate governance and business risk mitigation.

The Firm maintains a very professional healthy working relationship developed over years which is a relationship of trust. Therefore, our clients seek our objective suggestions based on the understanding of the business and driven by trust.

Regularly and as part of audit process, such business advisory is offered as part of audit. In cases where follow up and detailed study are warranted and demanded by the clients, the Firm offers such Business Advisory as an assignment.

These business advisory services are offered in the hope they will lead to a creative exchange of ideas, one which will result in meaningful actions to enhance the Company’s growth and profitability, or, to benefit and strengthen the Organization, while enhancing the depth and value of the professional relationship mutually, for the client and the Firm.

Societies and Trust (NGO)

The Firm maintains a special cell which specializes in NGO Sector / Exempt Organizations / Trusts.

The NGO cell of the Firm handles. Issues related to NGO, covering. Designing and implementation of Accounting methodology, Policies and procedures.

Establishing and monitoring convergence and linkage of program activities and financial management of the NGO’s.

Guiding the NGO in Planning & Budgeting the proposal of any developmental activity.

Monitoring and Audit of financial records of the NGO.

Project evaluation in association with the experts in the particular field including financial evaluation, of a NGO.

Cost analysis of the socio-economic project based on the financial data for a NGO.

Guidance on legal compliances for NGO in areas of:

  • Foreign Contribution Regulation Act – Registration and Returns.
  • Income-tax Registration & Returns.
  • 80G Registration under Income-tax Act.
  • Compliance under the Societies Act, Indian Trust Act etc.

Outsourcing Sources

Outsourcing various processes makes a lot of business sense. Most businesses and large companies are outsourcing their accounting processes for better management of their finances, and time etc.

We provide complete outsourcing solutions in the areas of accounting, payroll, income tax, indirect taxes, company law and all other allied corporate laws. We undertake any size of outsourcing operation in above areas

By outsourcing back office operations management can concentrate and devote their precious time on core area of Business.

Once any operation is outsourced to us, it is our responsibility to meet high expectations of our client.

We implement best practices in processes and systems to ensure that we meet the high expectations of our clients from outsourcing. We maintain constant communication with our clients affording them an opportunity to constantly evaluate the efficiency of their outsourcing decisions.

  • Book keeping and general accounting services.
  • Prepartion of financial statements.
  • Payroll
  • Tax planning and returns
  • Cash forecasting

Import - Export Consultancy

We offer business solutions to the importer, exporter and investigating firm needing to secure their products or establish a foothold in global market place. we supports small and medium sized companies when starting up or intensifying their exporting activities.


All work must do according to some targets. We supports MSME & various Start-up in preparation Of periodic Budget to achieve their business targets.Every successful business has established their own Budgetary Controls which plays as a vital element in business planning. We offer advisory services in comparison of budget with actual data.

Project Report

The firm maintains the deep analysis of methodology being adopted by various financial institutions for representation & presentation of various services in this fields. We offer:

  • Preparation of project report
  • Preparation of CMA Data
  • Preparation of Business Plan & Proposal
  • Valuation Of Business
  • Valuation Of Fixed Assets
  • Represent the Financial Before the Bank Authorities

Corporate Governance Services

Corporate governance helps the companies to perform efficiently in long term. The following services are:

  • Periodic monitoring through internal and concurrent audit.
  • Independent Audit.
  • Independent Verifications.
  • Effective supervision.
  • Accountability.
  • Sufficient number of independent directors on the board.
  • Formation of an independent audit committee for the board.
  • Adequate disclosures and transparency in reports.
  • Participation in board meetings.